Storybook illustration will be the main focus of this class with an in-depth study of the elements and principles of design. We will use various art mediums including drawing, painting, digital photography, and Adobe Illustrator. Projects will include a watercolor and an acrylic painting from the students own digital photography, drawings in charcoal, markers and colored pencils, and a hardcover storybook written and illustrated by the student artists. A digital camera would be a great asset but not a requirement in the class since the art department owns a few for student use. 

Storybook Illustration is a fun and creative career you can have in the publishing industry! The skills and techniques used to make storybooks that are typically for children can also be used to create a range of different genres from fiction to non-fiction down to biographies, movie guides and instructional books.  The skills used in storybook illustration are also used in careers in ad agencies and freelancing. You can also create illustrations for packaging, branding and other forms of media; key components to creating your own start-up or having a career as a digital artist. 


Studio Habits of Mind

The 8 Studio Habits of Mind is a framework- a way of thinking and practicing studio skills. The 8 habits have no order-- they work together in a cycle and have no structure- instead they should animate as studio experiences unfold.

Below are videos of creative artists modeling studio habits of mind and discussing the beauty of mistakes, the need to struggle, and the satisfaction of making their unique contributions to the world through their art form.

Develop Craft & Skills. Artists learn to use different tools and materials and also familiarize themselves with different artistic conventions (these are the things you've been learning about since 1st grade- using different brushes, different types of pencils, color mixing, learning about 1-pt perspective, etc). 

Engage & Persist

Artists explore and learn about problems of relevance within the art world or of personal importance; this is known as a concept. They work to develop focus and grit and other mental states needed to working and persevering at art tasks. In other works- work hard and be determined!