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This course develops skills in color theory, composition and the technical aspects of brushwork. We will work with acrylics, fluid, and watercolor paints. Art history, themes, and concepts will be explored as they relate to painting and artists will create a series of paintings that explores a personal art concept .

Some of the topics we will cover as you build your portfolio include:

Paint applications

  • Dry Brush

  • Stippling

  • Double-loading brush

  • Impasto (with palette knife)

  • Building a surface texture

  • Underpainting

  • Sgraffito

  • Glazing

  • Gel medium transfer

Color Theory

  • Mixing tints and shades

  • Mixing tones

  • Using cyan, magenta and yellow

  • Color schemes

    • Monochromatic

    • Triadic

    • Analogous

    • Complementary

    • Split- complementary

Studio Habits of Mind

The 8 Studio Habits of Mind is a framework- a way of thinking and practicing studio skills. The 8 habits have no order-- they work together in a cycle and have no structure- instead they should animate as studio experiences unfold.

Below are videos of creative artists modeling studio habits of mind and discussing the beauty of mistakes, the need to struggle, and the satisfaction of making their unique contributions to the world through their art form.



Learning to attend to visual contexts more closely than ordinary "looking". 

"Impressionist painter Mark Clarke takes his time with his paintings. He does not work under deadlines, and his paintings evolve with each brush stroke. In this video, Clarke explains the beauty of embracing the surprise in art, and the beautiful wonder it brings when you stop to Observe the world around you." 

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